Bill de Blasio Raises Money for 2009 Run

Here’s an invitation to a June 17 fund-raiser for Council member Bill de Blasio’s 2009 run for… something.

The maximum contribution organizers are seeking is $3950, if that’s a clue. (The contribution limit for borough-wide candidates is $3850, and for citywide candidates, it’s $4950.)

I emailed the organizer of the event, Phil Jones, and am waiting to hear whether there’s any more detail to be had.

Here’s the invitation:

Elly Kleinman,
Yussi Rieder,
Leon Goldenberg,
Abe Biderman & Yitzchok Fleischer

Invite you to support the 2009
campaign of
Bill de Blasio New York City Councilmember
Featuring Special Guest
Rabbi Aaron Twerski Professor of Law
Sunday, June 17, 2007 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

At the Home of Elly & Brochie Klein man #### Bedford Avenue
(between Avenue M & Avenue N) Brooklyn, NY
$1000, $2500, $3950

Suggested Contribution
Phil Jones by June 15

Please make checks payable to:
“Friends of Bill de Blasio 2009.” 320 Seventh Avenue, #278 Brooklyn, NY 11215 ______________________________________________

Bill de Blasio Raises Money for 2009 Run