Carrion TV

Here’s an example of why it helps to be in office when you’re looking to run for a higher one. Adolfo Carrion, the Bronx Borough president and likely 2009 mayoral candidate, will be among the people staring in nine (yes, nine) television ads “extolling the virtues of his borough, according to an announcement from his office.”

I only wonder how they’ll compare to the video Carrion sent to contributors earlier.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Carrion emailed to say that the ads are a natural growth from an ongoing effort to promote the borough, and will only air in the Bronx and Westchester.

“One of the Borough President’s many tasks is to promote the Bronx. The campaign, launched three years ago with print ads was met with a fantastic response and the next logical steps were to grow from print, to radio in the second year and TV this year.  The campaign will be airing in the Bronx and Westchester as way to continue to tell the
incredible story of the revitalization of the Bronx and attract more people into our great Borough.  In the last 6 years almost 5 billion dollars have been invested in developments in the borough, with ½ billion this year alone.”