Dave and Rit, BFF!


Maybe it’s the Mayor’s belief in the power of persuasion, or maybe it’s just protecting the rear flank, but Mr. Bloomberg’s long-term planning team is meeting even with the harshest of congestion pricing critics.

On Tuesday, Rohit (Rit) Aggarwala, the planner behind the Mayor’s PlaNYC, met for an hour with Queens City Council Member David Weprin, according to Mr. Weprin.

“He didn’t win me over. We agreed to disagree,” said Mr. Weprin, whose district unfolds in northeastern Queens, far from most subways. “The theme was improving public transportation, but the problem is there is no way public transportation can be improved quickly enough in time for this plan to be put in place. If you want to improve public transport and then institute congestion pricing, then let’s talk about it.”

Mr. Weprin said he did like other parts of PlaNYC, like the million more trees!