Debating Bloomberg’s Record

Michael Bloomberg’s change of party registration has kicked off speculation about his presidential run, but also about his time in City Hall.

The former chairman of the state Republican Party, Stephen Minarik, told Capital News 9 last night, “I would say that it’s probably–it’s still speculation now and it’s probably a huge long shot. But frankly, I would look around and I would challenge any of the potential candidates that are on both sides of the aisle in this race, I would challenge them to be able to produce a record of accomplishment like that of Mayor Bloomberg’s.”

He went on to say, “Mayor Michael Bloomberg has done such an outstanding job in running the city of New York that in my estimation, he’s one of the top decision makers I’ve ever seen as a leader in government. And I would say to you that is what we need in the federal government.”

That’s a little different than former Rudy Giuliani adviser Fred Siegel’s take on Bloomberg. Writing for The New Republic [subscription], Siegel said, “Bloomberg’s greatest accomplishment has been to continue the Giuliani crime and welfare reforms. But when it comes to his own initiatives, 311 excepted, it’s been a different matter.”