Dow Jones Union Responds To Fortune: No Endorsement of Burkle

Here’s an email IAPE President Steve Yount just sent to members.
Just a quick response to a story that appeared on In case you missed it, it began, “Supermarket mogul Ron Burkle could make an offer this week with a surprising partner and less-than-high minded support from the union..” Not so.
IAPE has been doing what it can to preserve the independence and integrity of the publications our members produce. To the extent that there are people interested in making a bid for Dow Jones who share our commitment to the independence of this company, the integrity of our product s and the economic well-being of our members, IAPE is willing to work with them.
But we haven’t made any deal or endorsed any bid– and won’t without first an open debate among the membership and vote by the IAPE Board of Directors.
Steve Yount