Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Berland, Cuomo

Although Michael Bloomberg gets credit for running New York City as a business, Rudy Giuliani told reporters, “I think I started that.”

Ben has more on the Penn, Schoen & Berland law suit and its possible connection to Bloomberg’s potential run for higher office.

A Bloomberg candidacy would put more states in play.

Bloomberg supporters may be part a vast, well-paid conspiracy.

Bloomberg said he was forced to announce his change in party registration earlier than expected since “the press got wind of it.”

Newt Gingich says he may run for president just to stop Hillary Clinton.

Mario Cuomo left the folks at Cooper Union “in stitches” during a dialogue with John Edwards yesterday.

Jay Rosen’s campaign web site venture with Ariana Huffington is beefing up its staff.

Congress has never been less popular.

And for any national reporter covering Bloomberg, here’s a clip of him answering the death penalty question once and for all.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Berland, Cuomo