Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Edwards, Spano

Michael Bloomberg’s registration switch could affect federal legislation dealing with terrorism insurance.

Journalists like the New Yorker’s Mark Singer defend their political contributions.

Elizabeth Edwards takes a swipe at Matt Drudge, according to Election Central.

A list of the 100 most powerful people in New Jersey politics is here.

In the comments section, Whats So wonders why the Barack Obama campaign selected Haile Rivera as a dinner partner.

Bellevue Hospital is trying to stay open.

The Atlantic Yards Project may get a special exemption in some new 421a housing legislation.

Some borough presidents are getting tough on their community boards.

Andy Spano likes Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is still featured as a Republican on a GOP web site.

Hillary Clinton has a supporter named Heckler who turned his wedding into a fund-raiser.

And pictured above are the unofficial poll results from a customers at Blue Spoon near City Hall, who were asked to say (via tips) whether they thought Bloomberg would run for president.

Elsewhere: Bloomberg, Edwards, Spano