Elsewhere: Silver, Hynes, Gravel

Ben looks at Hillary Hub and sees a sign of things to come.

Bill Clinton made $10 million giving speeches last year.

Who said Barack Obama and John Edwards haven’t taken money from lobbyists?

Mike Gravel
is coming to Manhattan.

In the comments section, cecilBK says that Bloomberg should forget about Silver and focus on the outer borough legislators if he wants congestion pricing to pass.

Andrew Cuomo and Johns Hopkins come to an understanding.

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes will read his novel at a Barnes and Noble on June 20.

Joe Bruno doesn’t think money buys elections.

Karol is frustrated at Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani’s tech operations.

Gay marriage is still legal in Massachusetts.

And pictured above is Sheldon Silver and Malcolm Smith during the meeting of leaders in Albany today.

Elsewhere: Silver, Hynes, Gravel