Harvey the Wallbanger: Movie Mogul Weinstein Joins Cipriani In Backing Commie-Themed Club

After two months in business, Socialista, the exclusive West Side Highway club with a Marxist motif owned by former Bungalow 8 doorman Armin Amiri, is already expanding.

“We’re putting in a screening room there,” movie mogul Harvey Weinstein told The Transom on June 11. “Come down any time!” (Thanks, sir, but we don’t get out much.) Mr. Weinstein decided to invest—joining a group of backers that includes Giuseppe Cipriani, Trudie Styler and new NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman—in the midst of plugging his films at Cannes this year.

“He called and says, ‘I’m in,’” Mr. Amiri said. “I was very surprised. He’s got great friends and he has great taste. He hasn’t invested in restaurants or bars before, so to have him believe in me, that is fantastic.”

A “peasant-style” café, serving Cuban-style food, will open to the public later this month in the space below the private club, as The Transom reported exclusively in April. Mr. Amiri and Mr. Cipriani, the principal investor, have narrowed their search for a chef to two candidates and are hosting a private tasting on Friday, June 15.

The mojito-slurping masses at Socialista thus far have included the actors Eva Mendes, Penélope Cruz, Charlize Theron, Josh Hartnett and Mickey Rourke. “People are always lined up out front,” said a recent visitor, “but he literally just doesn’t let people in.” Regarding his clientele, Mr. Amiri would say only: “The amount of support and respect we’ve gotten so far is very refreshing.”