Hillary’s David Chase Moment

Whatever the quality of the acting by the senator and former president — and I’d say it’s open to debate — everyone is going to be watching and discussing the clip. And that is the point. Everyone is going to see this, just as everyone saw the pro-Obama 1984 spoof and John Edwards “I feel pretty” hair fluffing. But in contrast to those viral YouTube hits, Hillary is controlling the message here. And she’s achieving several things.


First, by channeling the Sopranos, she at once makes the case that she’s not as divorced from popular culture as some might think (her campaign theme song, remember, is by Celine Dion), and even if she and Bill are playing the parts of a mob family, with the former president trading in his luminescent blue tie for a luminescent blue shirt, she’s showing off the unique asset of her marriage to the former president.


The production value, while not by any measure sleek, is professional enough, filmed on location and featuring a cameo by real Sopranos character Johnny Sack. And unlike the Sopranos, I’m guessing, this series will be continued.