Ian Schrager Rager at the Marriott!

We’ve come quite far from the glittery sleaze of Studio 54. This morning at 10, one-time party-boy Ian Schrager held court at his artily chandeliered Gramercy Park Hotel to announce his un-arty new deal with Marriott (“one of the industry's most conservative companies”) to develop a boutique Schrager chain. Classy!    

He told The Observer way back in April about his plans for a huge project with a huge firm. “The idea of creating a brand and having a big hotel company roll out lots of this particular brand is interesting … maybe there’s a few hundred of them,” he said.

So has he abandoned his long-time adoration for super-hip, haute design? "It's really not going to be about design, which we had to do to get noticed in the past," he told The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Schrager will be working with a big, un-cool C.E.O., the 75-year-old J.W. "Bill" Marriott Jr., who happens to run the biggest hotel company on the globe. Last year, Marriott revenues were about $12.1 billion.