Kiwis’ Big Adventure

Their New Zealand heritage—and the fact that Americans don’t seem to know much about it beyond being home to The Lord of the Rings—is a comedic thread that runs throughout the show.

“Well, there’s the sheep. And the bungee jumping—that’s quite famous,” Mr. McKenzie said, in response to an Observer reporter’s question about other well-known New Zealand things. “There’s Edmund Hillary, first person to climb Mount Everest.”

“The first person to split the atom,” added Mr. Clement.

“Crowded House,” said Mr. McKenzie.

“That cat’s-eye thingy, the little thing that marks the lines on the road.”

“That song ‘How Bizarre’ … Once Were WarriorsThe Piano.

“Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand.”

“Then there’s us,” Mr. McKenzie concluded.

Kiwis’ Big Adventure