Mario’s Questions for John Edwards

I just got off the phone with Mario Cuomo, who is preparing for his “dialogue”
with John Edwards this Thursday at Cooper Union. It’s part of an ongoing series of presidential candidates going one-on-one with the former governor.

After they speak, each will field questions from WNYC host Brian Lehrer.

Among the questions Cuomo told me he wants to ask Edwards is, “What is the best thing you can achieve by bombing Iran? What is the worst thing you can produce by bombing Iran?”

Also, referring to the constitutional question of congress having the right to exercise discretion over the congress’s discretion over declarations of war: “Do you pledge… in picking Supreme Court justices, to ask how they feel about the war
powers and this notion about a political question?”

And though I should have known better, I asked him if he planned to touch on the topic of John Edwards’ $400 haircut. His answer:

“Azi, with the kind of questions I’ve just thought up, you want me to talk about haircuts? The haircuts is a question is for the press: you can have fun with it, you can put a big picture up, you can have YouTube do something. It’s entertainment. We‘re straining to get some of them to answer our questions. Nobody writes about them. Thank goodness you called. Nobody writes about them.”

Mario’s Questions for John Edwards