Mitt and Mutts

Greg Sargent picks up on a story I’m afraid I’d completely missed. Apparently, Mitt Romney is not so nice to animals. Here’s Greg’s synopsis:

Just in case you haven’t been following this, the gist here is that Romney — according to The Boston Globe — strapped the family dog to his car’s roof in 1983. Though Romney did build a windscreen for the pooch, the story gained momentum, and before long it was picked up by Time magazine.

Yesterday things got so bad that Romney was forced to address it while speaking to reporters in Pittsburgh. His rather creative defense was that “my dog likes fresh air.”

Talk about a man-bites-dog tale.

Greg may laugh, but I think this could really be trouble for Romney. I know many voters–in fact, I date one of them–who base their entire political ideology on what’s good for the pooches.

Mitt and Mutts