No Regrets

The Little Sparrow Soars! J’Aime Beaucoup New Edith Piaf Film


Imitation isn’t always the sincerest form of flattery. This is why Marion Cotillard’s sensational performance as Edith Piaf in the awesome new film La Vie en Rose is so unforgettable. Like Stephen Fry’s Oscar Wilde in Wilde and Toby Jones’ memorable Truman Capote in Infamous (light years ahead of Philip Seymour Hoffman), Ms. Cotillard doesn’t try to imitate Piaf, the greatest French chanteuse of all time. She channels Piaf. “The little sparrow” comes to life before the camera in this long, exhilarating and dazzling movie masterpiece, while Ms. Cotillard delivers one of the most inspired and breathtaking performances in film history. La Vie en Rose left me devastated. READ MORE …

Piaf Picture May Not Be Great, But Full of Feeling


Olivier Dahan’s La Vie En Rose, from a screenplay by Mr. Dahan and Isabelle Sobelman (in French with English subtitles), moved me as no other musical biopic has ever moved me—which is not to say that this overlong French production is a good, much less great, movie (soap opera, some might say). READ MORE …

No Regrets