On Bloomberg, Leadership and Signs of the Zodiac

Here is a slightly random interview with O. Aldon James, Jr. the whimsical and colorful president of the National Arts Club. He hosted a book party last night in Gramercy for Herman Badillo which was attended by Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg plugged Badillo’s book, One Nation, One Standard, which talks about having high educational standards, and criticizes social promotion, an educational policy Bloomberg ended.

That inspirational talk about standards and efficiency was enough to convince Aldon that Bloomberg should be president. In fact, Aldon said, he’d rather hang out with Bloomberg than any of the candidates running for office.

Barack Obama did get an honorable mention from Aldon because, like Bill Clinton, they’re all Leos. And as Aldon put it, “Leos make wonderful leaders. Fidel Castro is a Leo.”

(Bloomberg is an Aquarius. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, the author of this post is a Leo.)