Put a Fork in Trump Central Park North Buzz

So far, the rumors of a Donald Trump-backed condo on the northwest corner of Central Park are greatly exaggerated.

Curbed related the rumor earlier this week that the Donald planned what would be one of the most significant residential developments in the city’s history because of its location along an edge of the iconic park that’s always seemed beyond the luxury pale.

The Observer did some digging and it looks like the rumor is just that, for now.

Carmie Elmore, the owner of the gas station at 110th Street and Central Park West where the condo’s rumored to be going, doesn’t sound like he is planning on giving up the space anytime soon.

“I am not interested in selling,” Mr. Elmore told The Observer. “A lot of people have approached me, but I am not selling.”

Has anyone with the last name Trump come calling?


A representative for the developer also played down rumors of a development in that part of the city. “Trump is always looking for opportunities,” a spokesperson said. “At this time, though, there is no interest in that area.”


Put a Fork in Trump Central Park North Buzz