Quinn-Themed Pride Literature from the Speaker

A reader passed on these fliers that were handed out over at the Gay Pride Parade this weekend. The fliers, which don’t indicate who paid for them, highlight Christine Quinn’s accomplishments in the LGBT community. I asked the Speaker’s office where the fliers came from, and a spokesperson responded by telling me that they’re given out every year.

Just for context — and not to suggest a perfect analogy here — it’s worth remembering the controversy that ensnared Quinn’s predecessor, Gifford Miller, in 2005 when he sent thinly-veiled campaign material into almost every Council district using taxpayer money. (It turned out to be a massive gift to his opponents.)

UPDATE: A Quinn spokesman tells Liz the fliers cost $54. The spokesman also notes that unlike the Gifford Miller fliers, these were relatively small in number and handed out in a non-election year. Which makes my comparing this to Miller’s mailing far-fetched, according to Liz.