Reynolds Rap: Star and Al Share Showy Snuggle At Southampton Soiree

On Saturday, June 16, former View virago Star Jones hosted a lavish 37th birthday party for her hubby Al Reynolds and 30 of his nearest and dearest at the Estate, a posh new private mansion in Southampton.

Midway through the dinner, Mr. Reynolds, a Wall Street banker with a flair for the flamboyant, toasted his guests. “Al went around the table and thanked each one of his friends,” recalled an attendee. The birthday boy paid special tribute to music mogul L.A. Reid, calling him “an inspiration to all the other brothers trying to make it.”

Then he turned to his wife—“my everything,” the birthday boy called her. “You taught me how to love and how to be a better man,” he declared.

The revelry continued at Stereo by the Shore, the Hamptons outpost of the 29th Street nightclub, where Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds grooved to the smooth beats of renowned hip-hop D.J. Doug Grayson until 2:30 a.m. “They were cute and flirted with each other all night,” said the spy, adding they did a lot of heavy grinding on the dance floor, but “there wasn’t any canoodling.”