ROMP-ing Up For 2008

In his latest column, about Jeanne Shaheen and the demise of the northeastern Republican, Steve Kornacki reports:

It looks like the DCCC is looking to stir up some trouble this weekend in three potential targeted districts in the Northeast, taking aim at Republican incumbents Randy Kuhl and James Walsh from New York and Mike Ferguson in New Jersey.

According to Chris Cillizza at The Fix, the national Republican Party is plenty worried about those seats. He managed to get his hands on the RNCC’s so-called “ROMP list.” Basically, this list—the acronym stands for “Regain Our Majority Program,” a slight change from past election cycles, when the “R” stood for “Retain”—is a roster of those House members the party feels are most endangered. Being on the list is both a blessing and an embarrassment, in that it assures you’ll get a lot of money from your House colleagues, but it also proclaims your vulnerability to the world.

Of the 20 incumbents who have been ROMP’ed so far, six are from the northeast, including Kuhl, of New York’s 29th (the old Amo Houghton district, which includes Corning and Elmira), Walsh, of New York’s 25th (Syracuse and its environs), Ferguson (parts of Union, Middlesex, Somerset and Hunterdon counties), and Rep. Chris Shays, the perennially endangered member from Connecticut. It’s easy to see why they made the team: In 2006, all four of them won their races by less than 7,000 votes.

Notably absent from the list: Tom Reynolds.

ROMP-ing Up For 2008