‘Rudy’s Rudy,’ Lobbyist Wife Buy In Apple Bank Building for $3.25 M.

Heroic lefty activist Harry Belafonte has some potent new next-door neighbors within the Apple Bank Building, but their neighborly rapport might not be peachy. Bruce Teitelbaum, former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s onetime chief of staff, has bought a $3.25 million apartment at the 2112 Broadway landmark.

“I don’t think he knew who the hell I am, but he was moving in the day I went in with my contractor,” said Mr. Teitelbaum, whom the Daily News once dubbed “Rudy’s Rudy.” (Mr. Belafonte bought in the building earlier this year.) “He being a Democrat and me being a Republican, I don’t think we’d have much to talk about anyhow!”

Lucky for their relations, Mr. Teitelbaum happens to be married to Democratic lobbyist Suri Kasirer—New York’s top lobbyist for two years running.

Ms. Kasirer fell in love with the block-long, block-wide limestone bank at 2112 Broadway before its recent condo conversion. “I used to live on 78th Street,” she said, “I’d pass it every day and say, ‘I want to live in that building.’”

Yet the couple briefly migrated away to Tribeca from the neighborhood, on account of their new baby’s birth. “I wanted to know I had an [Upper West Side] apartment to come back to,” Ms. Kasirer said. “And so he said: ‘I have a surprise for you: We have an appointment to see the apartment.’”

Inter-political couples can be romantic too!

When their Apple Bank apartment is ready this summer, Ms. Kasirer can return to her old life: “All my vendors are right there: Cleaners, florists, the shoe makers, my manicure place.” More glamorously, the bank’s heavenly four-story barrel-vaulted, coffered, chandeliered hall is still sitting pretty in the building’s ground floor.

There’s also a chandeliered exercise room upstairs. “I don’t know if I’ll use it,” Ms. Kasirer sighed.

‘Rudy’s Rudy,’ Lobbyist Wife Buy In Apple Bank Building for $3.25 M.