Talking the Bronx, Talking Carrion

I got my hands on some of the recent tourism ads featuring Adolfo Carrrion that will soon be airing in the Bronx and Westchester, and promptly handed them over to Observer super-intern Andrew Mangino, who watched them and filed this dispatch while heading to Connecticut to cover another story.

Here’s Mangino:

If Adolfo Carrion is not running for mayor, he at least has 5 minutes and 20 seconds’ worth of slickly produced footage that’s worthy of just about any political campaign.

I’m watching the spots now on a train to New Haven, but I almost wish I had taken the 4 line to the Bronx Zoo instead, where I’m told I would see “animals from butterflies to rhinos, frogs to gorillas.”

Over and over again Carrion and others say, “We’re talking the Bronx,” or some variant.

“We’re talkin’ stats,” he says from Yankee Stadium. “Bronx rated higher than any other borough in the creation of jobs, with the greatest growth of personal income. More than 5 million dollars was invested right here.”

“And we’re just warming up,” he adds, the shot zooming in until his face engulfs the screen. “We’re talkin’ the Bronx.”

Talking the Bronx, Talking Carrion