The Acronym at the Heart of the Congestion Pricing Battle

So what are some of the likely compromises to be struck before the Mayor’s congestion pricing bill moves through Albany?    

Clearly, the Mayor’s proposal that the estimated $400 million in net revenues from fees would go to a new public authority called the SMART Financing Authority is drawing some negative attention.

Governor Spitzer this afternoon, at his second congestion-pricing event of the day, signaled his distaste for it.

“It certainly makes sense, in my view, to have those revenues go to and be controlled by the existing transportation agencies, whether it be the M.T.A. or the Port Authority.”

The M.T.A. is controlled by the Governor; the Port Authority board is split between New York and New Jersey governors. The board of the new authority would be made up of eight members, four appointed by the Mayor, four by the Governor.
SMART, by the way, stands for Sustainable Mobility and Regional Transportation. It would be a way, for the first time since merging New York City Transit with the M.T.A. back in 1968, for city government to reclaim control, or at least shared control, over its transportation priorities.    
Streetsblog, by the way, has the bill here.
The Acronym at the Heart of the Congestion Pricing Battle