The End-of-Session Guessing Game

It’s end-of-session time in Albany, when legislation that has been fast-tracked somehow gets derailed, and bills that people haven’t heard of speed through to passage.

One notable bill that’s moving, as Liz noted, is the legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage.

Another one people a lot of people are watching—and whose fate is far from certain—would authorize congestion pricing in New York City. As Assemblyman Dick Gottfried of Manhattan, who’s been in the Assembly since 1971, told me yesterday, “The congestion pricing issue, I think the main obstacle is the number of complicated pieces that need to be worked out. And I just don’t know if that’s physically possible.”

Also from Gottfried, this:

“I’ve thought that sometime, the week after this, somebody should go to the computer and give a prize for the latest-introduced bill to pass both houses. And see how late that will be.” Any guesses?

The End-of-Session Guessing Game