The Morning Read: Friday, June 22, 2007

Michael Bloomberg’s departure from the Republican Party means the GOP has fewer reasons to help New York City with its agenda in Washington.

A Canadian journalist in DC thinks Bloomberg is worth “more than enough to make him corruption-proof.”

All eyes are on Bloomberg’s top aide Kevin Sheekey.

The state legislative session ended without a super deal on congestion pricing, campaign finance reform and pay legislative pay raises.

Sheldon Silver criticized the mayor for rushing the congestion pricing plan and says that he “insists that he is the city.”

Eliot Spitzer, Sheldon Silver and Joe Bruno all said a deal on congestion pricing could be reached by mid-July.

Spitzer criticized Bruno for insisting on an economic development package that the governor said was really a “horrendous” pork project “dripping with fat.”

The Suffolk County Executive is upset his initiative failed in Albany.

City Council staffer Viola Plummer can be fired for her “assassination” remark.

Bill Clinton said the only way he could spend the 4th of July with Hillary would be to campaign with her.

Rudy Giuliani has his presidential hopes pinned on Cubans.

Chuck Schumer gets cozy with hedge fund managers.

And Jason Giambi will cooperate with an investigation into the use of steroids in baseball.

The Morning Read: Friday, June 22, 2007