The Morning Read: Monday, June 11, 2007

The Hispanic vote is more important than ever.

Patrick Healy writes about Hillary Clinton’s sports habits and discovers there may be a double standard.

Michael Powell noticed that unlike Rudy Giuliani or Hillary Clinton, Mike Bloomberg doesn’t take many opportunities to tout his connection to September 11th .

Colin Powell has given advice to Barack Obama.

The New Yorker has a review of the two new Clinton biographies.

Glenn Thrush thinks the books are “not unsympathetic” and together “implicitly conclude that she’s as fit to be president as anybody else who’s running.”

Bob Shrum wrote a column about how Mike Bloomberg could run and win in the presidential race.

Bloomberg appointed a health czar to deal with 9/11-related illnesses suffered by first responders and others.

Congressman Joe Crowley, who is the Queens County Democratic Leader, supports congestion pricing.

Someone writing on DailyKos opposes it.

Eliot Spitzer is expected to attend an annual dinner at Joe Bruno’s horse farm tonight.

Lt. Governor David Paterson encouraged lawmakers to “pressure the Spitzer administration” into doing more on affirmative action, reports Fred Dicker.

Spitzer administration officials say you don’t need a lobbyist to meet with them.

Jacob Gershman thinks Sheldon Silver and Richard Brodsky are raising good questions about congestion pricing.

Every car should have a breathalyzer device, says a legislator from Brooklyn.

Viola Plummer said yesterday she wants to “assassinate Leroy Comrie’s political career” and told black voters in Queens, “We got to take care of business.”

Former Newark mayor Sharpe James could face federal charges over some travel expenses billed at the end of his term.

Charles Barron will rename parts of Gates Avenue after Sonny Carson this Saturday.

Google’s complaint about Microsoft fell on deaf ears in the Bush administration.

And if you missed the Sopranos’ finale, here you go.

The Morning Read: Monday, June 11, 2007