The Morning Read: Monday, June 25, 2007

The New York Times investigates Rupert Murdoch’s business holdings.

The New Yorker wonders what Murdoch will do to the Wall Street Journal.

Indian-Americans gave Hillary Clinton about $2 million after she got dissed by Barack Obama.

Rudy Giuliani frustrates Catholic leaders by personally opposing abortion, but saying it should still be legal.

Juan Gonzalez has 10 questions for former EPA head Christie Whitman, who is testifying today in Congress about World Trade Center-related health concerns.

Michael Bloomberg has toned down his eccentricities, but he’s still a wild card.

Steve Kornacki thinks that most of the reporters on Meet the Press this Sunday were way too dismissive of Bloomberg’s presidential prospects.

Look out for Bloomberg campaign buttons.

Chris Smith says a Bloomberg presidential candidacy is good, as long as he doesn’t become Ralph Nader.

Bloomberg’s City Hall “has generally offered a model of nonpartisan good government,” according to this piece in The New Yorker.

Ed Koch and Law & Order star Sam Waterson like the idea of Bloomberg running for president.

The Club for Growth doesn’t.

Eliot Spitzer was a ‘loser’ this legislative session, says Fred Dicker.

Spitzer may travel the state blaming Republican state Senators for the legislative meltdown.

An aide to Mitt Romney is being investigated for impersonating a state trooper.

The opening of a Wal-Mart scares a religious community upstate.

Lobbyists contemplate forming a trade association and hiring someone to lobby on their behalf.

A girl was rejected from a public junior high school because she isn’t white, her family claims.

And the New York Times editorial board wants congestion pricing approved by July 16.

The Morning Read: Monday, June 25, 2007