The Morning Read: Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hillary Clinton is drawing criticism for the anti-labor activities of the company headed by her top pollster, Mark Penn.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama differ over whether America is safer since September 11, 2001.

Rudy Giuliani thinks the Democrats are all in denial about terrorism.

Mike Bloomberg could cause “electoral chaos” if he runs for president.

Clarence Norman and Gerald Garson could start prison terms today for their roles in judicial scandals in Brooklyn.

The JFK terror plot is a shock to immigrants in Queens.

Several universities are going to join Bloomberg’s effort to reduce carbon emissions in city.

Eliot Spitzer is going to make it easier to get food stamps.

The National Organization for Women’s city and state chapters are split on today’s Assembly race on Manhattan’s East Side.

New York congress members oppose the immigration bill in for different reasons.

Charles Barron was the subject of a death threat posted on a pro-cop website.

Barron’s chief of staff has had run-ins with the police.

There’s a debate in Nassau about allowing a poet who spoke out against the Iraq War to be the county poet laureate.

Bronx Democrats will have their annual fund-raiser on July 12.

The Post editorial board thinks the Times is in denial about the JFK terror plot.

And Clyde Haberman thinks Giuliani should just trademark the term “9/11.” [subscription]

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