The Vatican Has Few Indulgences For You, Rudy!

IN OTHER WORDS, THE QUESTION is far from settled.

“Politics can never be without ethics. Politics have an ethical dimension, and in this ethical dimension there are some fundamental values included which are binding for a Catholic politician,” said Cardinal Kasper in his interview with The Observer. “Not every question in politics of course the church wants to interfere—it’s not our intention to interfere directly in politics—but the ethical values which are obligatory for a Catholic politician, for example, that he is pro-life and not pro-choice, I think it is a very clear thing, and he must do his best to reach the best possible law.”

As long as the question remains unresolved, Mr. Giuliani can expect continued public discussion of his relationship with his faith. That is, barring a fairly radical change of course.

“One way to get out if it,” Father Reese offered, jokingly, “is to just declare himself an Episcopalian.”