The Youth Vote

Here are state Senators Jeff Klein and Marty Dilan at Federal Hall yesterday, announcing results of a study Klein conducted showing that 90 percent of public colleges “failed to send students voter registration materials in the mail.”

In a public statement about the report, Klein‘s office said, “Of private schools, only 50% made voter registration materials available on campus, and 0% offered information by mail. In addition, over 100,000 students enrolled in the 2004-2005 academic year could not obtain voter registration materials on campus. This number represents only a sampling of schools from across the state, but if all schools were included the number would skyrocket.”

I haven’t read the report, which surveyed 60 schools across the state, but it seems to correspond with an in-depth investigation I conducted with the help of my younger brother. He turned 18 on June 1 and the only thing he got in the mail were birthday cards.