Tuesday, July 3rd

Can you feel the tumbleweed tonight? Everyone you know is out in the ho-ho-Hamptons, or worse, having the ostentatiously unostentatious vacay up in “some little town in Massachusetts, very low-key, you wouldn’t know it, where Sebastian Junger did his research for The Perfect Storm.” Time to take back the city! At fireworks-free zone Avery Fisher Hall, a guy grandly named Bramwell Tovey will conduct the New York Philharmonic in a “Stars and Stripes” medley, including some Bernstein, Gershwin and John Philip Sousa. We love us a good march.

[The New York Philharmonic, “Summertime Classics—Stars and Stripes,” Avery Fischer Hall at Lincoln Center, 7:30 p.m., www.lincolncenter.org.]