Vibe Rater: Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar, 34 Downing Street

Candles! Smooth jazz! Delicate stemware!  

Blue Ribbon Downing Street Bar oozes romance. Chicks flock like cops to a donut shop--yet, wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Ladies vastly outnumbered the gentlemen 14 to 4 at 7:30 on Thursday evening.

Brothers Bruce and Eric Bromberg’s intimate 18-seat closet, which opened this past February, is one of many newcomers to the city’s burgeoning wine-bar scene.

A record 11 new vino-sipping spots opened during the most recent Zagat Survey nightlife poll, and a slew of others are on the way: Chefs Marco Canora and Daniel Boulud each reportedly have wine bars in development--even JFK Terminal 9 is getting into the action.
Perhaps Don Juan lacks deep enough pockets. A bottle of the house’s finest chardonnay will set you back $1,155. Its top champagne: $385.