When Drink Prices Soar, Nights Out Plummet. Slightly. (Or: 6,000 Zagat ‘Nightcrawlers’ Can’t Be Wrong)

The cost of the average drink in New York City has soared 7.3 percent to $10.12, according to the 2007/2008 Zagat Survey New York City Nightlife, released Wednesday. 

Perhaps not coincidentally, New Yorkers are cutting back slightly on nights out per week (2.0) and on their nightly drink intake (3.2), compared to years past, the new survey finds.

Also, meatpacking is still hot. And yet not. Read survey gurus Tim and Nina Zagat's comments on the new trends here.

More nightlife survey highlights:


  • A record 11 new wine bars have opened this year, featuring such tannic monikers as Grape & Grain, Wine & Roses, and Wined Up.
  • Adding 14 new nightspots, the East Village is the year’s most busy ‘hood in terms of venue openings; incredibly shrinking Little Italy gained two.
  • Meatpacking remains both “most popular” and “most overrated” nighttime destination; Chelsea and Greenwich Village replace Soho and the Upper East Side, respectively as runner’s up on the irritation scale.
  • Women go to Stanton Social, men prefer Brother Jimmy’s.
  • Buddha Bar debuted at No. 2 on the Most Popular Spot list. At No. 1, meatpacking neighbor Pastis; while fellow Keith McNally hangout Balthazar ranked third.
  • 65 percent of New Yorkers consider bottle service a complete “rip-off.” Are you listening City Council?
  • 86 percent of New Yorkers still approve of the city’s smoking ban. Are you listening Josh Hartnett?
  • Most New Yorkers drink wine on weekdays (44%); save the mixed drinks for weekends (55%)
  • After normal clubbing hours, most New Yorkers (a) want food, 46%; (b) want sleep, 31%; or (c) want sex, N/A. Wait. Is that what Zagat means by “go home right to bed”?
When Drink Prices Soar, Nights Out Plummet. Slightly. (Or: 6,000 Zagat ‘Nightcrawlers’ Can’t Be Wrong)