Who Knew? Upper East Side Underground Poker Club Robbed at Gunpoint

The illegal poker scene in New York just got a little more dangerous.

Last night, an underground poker club at 328 East 61st Street was robbed at gunpoint by two men, according to City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin’s office. The men stole approximately $50,000 from the establishment and the patrons.

According to sources, the establishment, located on the third floor of the building, had been operating for about six months. Prior tothat, another poker room had existed at the same location for approximately a year and a half. It had been robbed as well.

The club had eight tables offering various types of poker, according to sources, and on Wednesdays offered a $1,000 buy-in tournament. By one player’s account, it was not uncommon for there to be upwards of $100,000 in play on certain nights.

Councilwoman Lappin felt that the incident could have been avoided if the police had acted sooner.

“I told the NYPD about the existence of this illegal gambling hall weeks ago,” Councilwoman Lappin, a Democrat whose district includes much of the Upper East Side, said in a press release. “We’re lucky that no one was hurt, but a bust could have prevented this dangerous armed robbery from happening. At least now this den of inequity is closed for good.”