Who Knew What When About the Congestion Pricing Debate

As it becomes clearer that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is willing to let congestion pricing slip into a special summer session, it is interesting to look at who had predicted that would happen. 

Back in April, Environmental Defense, the environmental advocacy group that has emerged as one of the proposal’s top supporters, hired Patricia Lynch, a former aide to Mr. Silver, from April 20 until June 19--or from just before the Mayor's formal announcement to just before the Legislature’s scheduled June 21 recess.

The opposition group, Keep NYC Congestion Tax Free, got off to a slower start but seems to have predicted a longer haul. On May 3 and May 14, respectively, the group hired Brian Meara and Kenneth Riddett, two well-connected lobbyists, for six months, until the end of October (Mr. Meara) and mid-November (Mr. Riddett), thus keeping them on board should the debate last over the summer.

There is nothing keeping Ms. Lynch from getting her contract renewed, of course, and, the way things are looking, that very well may happen.


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