Yankees Flying High on the Wings of Geezers

And given the fact that in their combined 164 innings of work so far, Proctor, Bruney, Myers, Vizcaino, Farnsworth and Henn have walked a total of 96 batters while striking out 105, it seems only a matter of time before the opposition runs start piling up.

The Yankees are reliant on players in the post-prime stage of their careers for well over half of their lineup, 60 percent of the starting staff, and even their closer. Meanwhile, none of the younger players alongside these vets have any real track record of success, save Cano, whose 2007 troubles were widely predicted.

So far, the team’s great run of recent form, talent and past achievements have overwhelmed what looked to be a case of team-wide, terminal fatigue.

“That lineup is so talented,” said former Yankee first baseban Tony Clark, now with the visiting Diamondbacks, after his team suffered yet another beating at Yankee Stadium on June 14. “There are guys who have always produced up and down that lineup. You had to know they would turn it around.”

Now let’s see if it will last.

Yankees Flying High on the Wings of Geezers