Lydia, Oh Lydia: Hearst Heiress Tells Of Tuscan Travels

On Monday, July 30, the Transom caught up with model-socialite Lydia Hearst at the Angels & Kings bar in the East Village, where she was judging an American Idol-esque event called Karaoke on the Rocks. “I love karaoke! I’m an avid karaoke singer,” Ms. Hearst, 22, said, looking glam (despite broken-down air-conditioning) in straight auburn hair and a form-hugging dress of minute proportions. “Unfortunately, I’m traveling so much I don’t get to sing it very often, but any chance I get—not including tonight—I do it. Honestly, probably anything. I love anything from “Nine to Five” to Christina Aguilera.”

Where exactly has she been traveling? Ms. Hearst told of a recent whirlwind trip through Europe, where she was shooting the cover of Tatler, and an ad campaign for Roberto Cavalli for H & M—the last shot by photographer Terry Richardson alongside models Erin Wasson, Jessica Stam, Daisy Lowe and Theodora Richards. “A good little group,” she said. “Roberto had a party at his house in Florence. Oh, my God, it’s unbelievable. It’s like no place you’ll ever be for the rest of your life, it was so amazing—you could see all of Tuscany. It looks like it must be a hundred years old!”—errr—“and it’s absolutely stunning. He has this incredible indoor pool that’s surrounded by glass, and he has just acres upon acres of beautiful gardens and fountains and everything. I would love to go back!”

As for the rest of her summer, Ms. Hearst plans to relax and move from her apartment in Columbus Circle to another one. “A few blocks away, so nothing too exciting,” she said.