Monday, August 6th

Why is it that the crowning cultural achievement of Generation X or Y (or whatever) seems to be these inane trivia nights, where you drink too many retro cocktails or Pabst Blue Ribbons and fight about how many Oscar-winning films John Cazale has starred in, all in the hopes of winning a too-tight T-shirt? Tonight former Rolling Stone staffer Noah Tarnow (self-professed Quizmaster, do with that what you will) presents something called Big Quiz Thing, with featured categories “The Magazine Flashback Mind-Teaser,” “Rock & Roll Lullaby Mind-Fuck,” (sigh) and an audio round. We suggest you point your Vespa instead to Bryant Park, where they’re screening the 1956 movie classic Bus Stop, starring Marilyn Monroe as a hardened bar room singer who years for Hollywood. Our big-cheese editor will be the one down front with the seersucker blanket and warm thermos of orange juice.

[Ultimate Live Trivia Event, Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery Street, 7:30 p.m.,; Bus Stop, Bryant Park, sundown,]