No Res-hair-vations! Aaron Eckhart’s Massive Mop Leaves Zeta-Jones All Frizzy in Foodie Flick

Forget the bad food metaphors: The most remarkable thing about the romantic comedy No Reservations is actor Aaron Eckhart’s hair, which even manages to upstage the long, flowing dark locks of his gorgeous co-star, Catherine Zeta-Jones. “It was a mop,” said Mr. Eckhart of the multitoned and layered coif, at a lunch in honor of the movie at Le Cirque on Thursday, July 26 (Ms. Zeta-Jones was also there, a muted presence in a black cocktail dress). “That was just the hair they wanted … I’m not an expert on hair, but it gave a certain feeling, and they dug it. And that’s really all I can say about it.”

No Reservations’ director, Scott Hicks—himself sporting a long silver mane—also weighed in on the style. “Some of the characters Aaron has played had very sort of buzz-cut-almost hair,” he said. “Here he had a little bit more, almost what in Australia you’d call a kind of ‘surfer dude’ feel about him. I think it’s terrific, you know what I mean?” Meanwhile, Mr. Hicks said, “Catherine was amazing because it was like she would just take her hair and twist it up into a bun and stick a thing through it and bang, that was it. She was really cool about it.”

The director deflected the pressing question of how Mr. Eckhart’s ’do was maintained to the movie’s wardrobe department. “The important thing was that he had something that he was completely relaxed with,” he said. “Because the last thing you want is an actor thinking about their hair.”