The Start of Bloomberg ’08

Now that Michael Bloomberg is officially a major factor in the 2008 presidential election, it’s worth asking when exactly did the mayor inject himself into that race?

I think that when the history of the race is written, people will say the Bloomberg presidential campaign started immediately after the mayor’s 2005 re-election, when the his political guru, Kevin Sheekey, went onto New York 1 News for what they thought would be some post-election analysis.

“The only question was how big a Bloomberg blow out it would be,” NY1news anchor Dominic Carter recalled.

First, Sheekey addressed the Democratic candidate, Freddy Ferrer. “He came right out and said he expected much more of a fierce battle from them,” Carter said. “Then, totally unprovoked, he starts with the Bloomberg for president–‘don’t you think it’ll be a good idea Dominic?’

“He just went on for a minute and a half about ‘Bloomberg For President.’”

“So it means they had already given thought to this before the race for mayor was over. That’s what it clearly said to me.”