Tuesday, July 24th

calendar minniedriver Tuesday, July 24thDriver? I just met her! The tall and deliciously English Minnie Driver ventures deeper into the music business (uh-oh) with her second album, Seastories, which has fancy guest stars on it, such as Liz Phair and Ryan (not Bryan) Adams. She’s trying to sneak in a small show at The Living Room this evening … do with this information what you will. If you have been alive and out in bars anytime in the past eight years, you might find yourself over at Madison Square Garden for The White Stripes show. Expect thick-rimmed-eyeglass-wearing dudes, who will be sure to exclaim loudly about the time they “caught” the band over at the Mercury Lounge in 2000. Then go home and weep.

[Minnie Driver, The Living Room, 154 Ludlow Street, www.livingroomny.com; The White Stripes, Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, www.thegarden.com.]








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