Vibe Rater: PDT, Basement of 113 St. Marks Place

Looking for some place sort of exclusive–but without all the hang-ups of actual exclusivity?

Try PDT, the pseudo-secret yet strangely well-publicized bar tucked behind an old phone booth inside Crif Dogs on St. Marks.

The patronage isn’t particularly special or super attractive. Or even “in the know.” Just smart enough to make a reservation:

On Thursday evening, the dark, intimate 50-seat venue seemed surprisingly relaxed and unpretentious — even downright friendly — despite the upper-crusty feel of painted nudes and mounted hunting trophies along the walls.

The pricey cocktail menu adds to the air of sophistication. That is, until orders of chili dogs and French fries arrive from next-door.

“I get very unpopular after 6 o’clock,” said a lady manning the regular hotdog stand, as customers made a bee line for the hidden door.

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