Wednesday, July 18th

Nice to meat ya, sucka! Lessons learned this week: stay far (far) away from anyone who starts a sentence with, “My therapist thinks;” that the fashion trend we see so many lovely ladies rocking—weird spandex shirt that scoops over the rear like sausage casing—is cause for distinct alarm; and if the masochistic train wreck that is NBC’s Age of Love (a.k.a. Cougars versus Kittens) is any indication, all women of all ages are basically nuts. But anyway! At Madison Square Garden this evening, there’s a chance to see the best-rock-star-named-after-food-ever, Meat Loaf. Apparently Mr. Loaf was meant to perform back in April (Late Loaf!) but due to a “severe inner ear infection” (Dizzy Loaf!) was rescheduled. Expect suburban moms in anklets and Bat Out of Hell T-shirts. A different kind of momperhaps the ones who once had nose-rings and tumultuous affairs with women until they married bankers, mortgaged their brains and subscribed to Cookiewill remember those patchouli-and-clove-scented lady romps, as Ani DiFranco, who’s released something like 5,000 record albums, serenades Prospect Park. If you want to take your lovely Wednesday and plunge it into a crowd of hipster doofuses, loaf over (flip … flop! flip … flop! flip … flop!) to the Bryant Park Reading Room to hear tall writer Chuck Klosterman—who looks just like Corey Feldman if you stretched him on the rack—read from his work.

[Meat Loaf, Madison Square Garden, 8 p.m.,; Ani DiFranco, Prospect Park concert, Brooklyn,; Word for Word Authors Series: Chuck Klosterman book signing, Bryant Park Reading Room, 42nd Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues, 12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m.,]