Baghdatis on Loss to Mirnyi: ‘It Went So Fast’

“I love playing here, it’s great playing here, but when you lose, everything is so bad,” said Marcos Baghdatis a few minutes ago after his surprising four-set loss to Max Mirnyi. Baghdatis, whose first serve percentage came in at a dismal 36 percent, said he injured his shoulder and his wrist during a practice last Friday. He said he could get his shoulder around on his ground strokes, but not on his serve. “This guy was serve and volley all the time and it’s tough and I just couldn’t serve well because of my shoulder and wrist,” he said. “I was unlucky to play against Max.” Mirnyi is a doubles player at heart, and thereby a guy who comes racing to the net, which bothered Baghdatis, who’s a bruising hitter, but not much of a mover. This loss is a major setback for the 22-year-old who was a quarterfinalist at Wimbledon. “It went so fast,” he said of the loss.