Calgon, Take Her Away! Debra Messing Hawks Baubles, Tells Secret of Her Nightly “Bath” …

On Monday, Aug. 6, Debra Messing hosted a cocktail party for the Israeli jewelry designer Eli Halili’s new nature-inspired line at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen store on Greenwich Street (another Urban Zen will open in the Hamptons this weekend). Clad in a rust-colored, linen sari-like garment designed by Ms. Karan, accented with Mr. Halili’s earthy baubles, Ms. Messing, 38, said that she felt something like a “yogi princess.”

The Titian-haired actress, who moved back to New York from L.A. in March with her writer husband, Daniel Zelman, and toddler son, Roman, took a moment to explain how she achieves Zen in her daily life. “Oh, God, it’s not easy! Zen, to me, means calm, untethered quiet, and usually for me, because I’m the mother of a 3-year-old and I’m a working mother, it’s not always easy to find that, so for me, the gift that I give myself is a bath every night.”

In three weeks Ms. Messing, who discovered Mr. Halili’s jewelry in a waiting room at the Vogue offices after being fitted by Anna Wintour for the Met Costume Ball, will begin filming Diane English’s modernized version of the Clare Boothe Luce play The Women in Boston. “It’s a wonderful dynamic and I can’t wait to start shooting,” said Ms. Messing, who plays a “perpetually pregnant woman who is completely ambivalent about being a mother.” We hear ya, sister! Still, her prosthetic bump posed zero wardrobe challenges. “I still look extraordinarily stylish,” Ms. Messing reassured the Transom. “Those very anachronistic ideas that a pregnant woman doesn’t have anything to make them feel pretty [are] long gone, and so actually many of the dresses that I’m wearing in the film are not pregnancy dresses, they’re regular, off-the-rack couture dresses that are just larger-sized.” Isn’t off-the-rack couture an oxymoron? Never mind—ohm!