Denying Bloomberg’s Denials

That hyper-publicized Michael Bloomberg interview with Dan Rather on DNET is airing tonight at 8 p.m., and according to several news outlets, the major development is that Bloomberg says that he’s not running for president and that he isn’t electable anyway.

Does this reiteration of his official position change anything?

Certainly, the Bloomberg’s small-but-passionate group of presidential boosters seem to think not.

Even as the interview airs, members of the Draft Bloomberg effort will be gathering for their weekly meeting at the Old Town.

Another Bloomberg supporter, Independence Party activist Frank Morano, put it this way:

“It’s more or less the same thing he’s said before. I don’t think the fact that he said he’s not running, again, is news.

“I believe and it’s my hope that when the major party notions are picked next years that the mayor will have a sense of duty and feel there is no other option other than to jump into the race.”

Here’s an excerpt of the interview Rather's network sent over.


DAN RATHER: Well, let's get it out of the way. Are you running for President?


DAN RATHER: Are you going to run for President?


DAN RATHER: Any circumstances in which you would?

BLOOMBERG: Oh, I don't know. Any– the answer– if I don't say no categorically you'll then read something into it. The answer is no. Look, I have my own beliefs. They're not tailored to what's politically popular. It's what my parents taught me and what I've learned raising my two daughters that are the love of my life.

It– I believe that certain things and if somebody asks me where I stand, I tell them. And that's not a way to get elected generally. Nobody's going to elect me President of the United States. What I'd like to do is to be able to influence the dialogue. I'm a citizen.


DAN RATHER: I want to make sure if somebody comes to you and says, "Will you run with me as a Vice-President," are you open to that at all?

BLOOMBERG: No, I have no interest in doing that. I'm–

DAN RATHER: Becoming Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Defense?

BLOOMBERG: Nobody is going to delegate a lot of power to a secretary that they can't control. And I don't think that anybody would ask me to do it. I'd be happy to provide advice if anybody asked me no matter who the President is. I said I'm going to stay out of the race because I have to work with whoever gets elected and represent the people of New York City. And my job is to represent them and put that ahead of any of my own personal aspirations.


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