Friday, August 10th

Hamptons Smell Like Sick! Who needs ‘em, when there is honest-to-goodness culture happening right here in town? Take the Hillary Agonistes, (no really, take them!) a thrilling bit of theater that kicks off our favorite cultural occurrence of summer, the Fringe Festival! We’ll watch anyone pretending to be Hillary—including Hillary!—today you get Priscilla Barnes, who played Terri on Three’s Company (the last of the string of stringy blondes who tried and failed to live up to the legacy of Suzanne Sommers) and who stars in this “cautionary tale of Hillary Clinton, newly elected President of the United States,” that is “part Greek tragedy, part blackest comedy.” The signs are out there, people, you just need to know how to read them. Moving on, down at Team Gallery in SoHo, step around the Dutch tourists wearing funny shoes and clutching huge shopping bags to see the installation show by Banks Violette, hot goth “art star” (read: eyeliner) and friend of artist Ryan McGinley and Vanity Fair magazine. We’re only going because we sense that our tortured, emotionally withholding future boyfriend will be there.

[Fringe Festival, August 10-26, for times and theater locations; Banks Violette at Team Gallery and Gladstone Gallery, 83 Grand Street and 515 West 24th Street, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m]