Haynes’ Wacky Dylan Film Gets Rare Distribution Deal

Todd Haynes’ new film I’m Not There will have New York audiences seeing double in more ways than one. Not only will the film feature multiple actors playing the role of Bob Dylan—the list inclues Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, and Cate Blanchett—it will now be released at the Film Forum and Lincoln Plaza. The unique distribution pact was brokered by the Weinstein Company, who convinced the Film Forum to share, when they usually prefer not to. Variety reports:

The Gotham arrangement reps a rare violation of the “clearance” that typically prevents any pic playing at the Film Forum from also unspooling at another Manhattan site. The opportunity for the dual play, plus access to the Film Forum’s membership-driven mailing list of 25,000 avid film buffs, made the release a viable proposition for [The Weinstein Company].