Hillary Answers Hsu Questions, Spitzer Helps

Sen Hillary Clinton said today that she was “surprised” to learn that one of her bundlers, Norman Hsu, had a warrant out for his arrest related to a California fraud case. “Obviously we were all surprised by this news and we have a procedure that we follow and upon verifying it we returned his money and continue to analyze all contributions and take action if that’s warranted,” she said. Clinton, answering questions after a press conference about children’s health insurance with Eliot Spitzer at the governor’s office in midtown, went on to say, “I wish Mr. Hsu well in all the problems that he is confronting.” She refused to respond as to why she had given to charity the money Hsu contributed directly to her campaign but not the money he had raised by bringing in other donors. Clinton was then pressed to respond to critics who said the Hsu matter was similar to past Clinton fund-raising controversies, such as letting top donors sleep in the White House’s Lincoln bedroom. “I don’t think it’s analagous at all,” she said. “When you have as many contributors as I am fortunate enough to have, we do the very best job we can on the information available.” Spitzer then jumped in, effectively blocking any more questions on the issue, saying, “I think it’s a fair question to ask – is Sen Clinton’s campaign or any campaign supposed to doing a better job than the authorities of California who theoretically had an open warrant for this guy and didn’t do anything? Come on, guys. Let’s get real.” That response prompted a question about whether Clinton’s presence at the press conference was a show of support for the embattled governor – which he was returning in kind. “Well,” said Clinton, “I support the governor.”