Hillary on Sept. 11

No presidential candidacy this election is as clearly linked to the events of Sept. 11 as that of Rudy Giuliani. But Democrats looking for a chink in Giuliani’s armor have been able to attack the former mayor for prematurely declaring the air quality safe at ground zero.

At the Yearly Kos convention on Saturday, Hillary Clinton used some especially dramatic language to talk about “all of the sickness that has come from exposure on 9-11,” she said.

“It’s been an incredibly painful experience for me personally, because it started literally the day after 9-11, when I was there and I smelled it and I felt it and I tasted it and I began to say to myself, people are getting sick from this, and sure enough, they are. And now they are dying.”

Which could provide an idea of the sort of observation we may hear more of if Giuliani becomes the nominee.